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3 Inch Air Operated Diaphragm Pump China This product is mostly used in absorb and delivery the wastewater from sewage treament plant銆乵anufacturing plant銆乮t has anti-corrosion, not stop up, no freeze and so on. Main function parameters as below: flow volume: 0-170 L pressure: 8.6 pa. absorb distance: 7 M, spray distance: 82 M. entire pump measurements: L*W*H = 260 *264 * 323 mm. Weight: Aluminium alloy: 13 Kg, Cast iron: 21 Kg, Stainless steel: 20 Kg.3 Inch Air Operated Diaphragm Pump China website:http://www.zqaodd-pumps.com/air-operated-diaphragm-pump/3-inch-air-operated-diaphragm-pump/

beijing sany pump pipe factory Description Product nameConcrete pump pipe MaterialST52 Applicationconcrete pump hopper system Brand availablePutzmeister, Schwing, Zoomlion, Cifa, Sany, Sermac, Junjin, Kyokuutoetc SizeDN60-DN180 Pumping lifetime10,000-100,000CBM depending on different designs and pumping situations OEM & ODM serviceoffered Type125Z-4.5125Z-4.75125Z-5125Z-5.5125W-4.5125W-5125W-5.5125W-6 Inner Dia(mm)125125125125125125125125 Outer Dia(mm)134134.5135136134135136137 Thickness(mm)4.54.7555.54.555.56 Pressure(Mpa) Material20#20#20#20#20#/35#20#/35#20#/35#20#/35# DN125 pump pipe specification NameSpecificationDN125 Type 3m pump pipe125*3000*4.25DN125 Type 3m pump pipe125*3000*4.5DN125 Type 3m pump pipe125*3000*4.75DN125 Type 3m pump pipe125*3000*5 DN150 pump pipe specification NameSpecificationDN150 Type 3m pump pipe150*3000*4.25DN150Type 3m pump pipe150*3000*4.5DN150 Type 3m pump pipe150*3000*4.75DN150 Type 3m pump pipe150*3000*5DN150 Type 1. DN125 concrete pump pipe At present, the most commonly used dimensions of concrete pump pipe inner diameter are 125mm and 150mm. It is also commonly known as DN125 and DN150. The wall thickness of DN125 concrete pump pipe mainly consists of 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.25mm, 5.5mm and 6.0mm. The wall thickness of DN150 concrete pump pipe is the same as that of DN125 pump pipe, both of which have 13,000 m3, 30,000 m3 and 60,000 m3 according to their service life. 2. Concrete pump pipe is generally divided into 125 and 150 two kinds, the inner diameter is 125mm and 150mm. And these two kinds have high pressure and low pressure respectively cent. 125 type pump pipe of low pressure model for the outer diameter is 桅 133 pipes, high pressure pipe diameter is 桅 140;150 type pump pipe of low pressure model for the outer diameter is 桅 159 pipes, high pressure pipe diameter is 桅 168. 3. --The pump pipe is a kind of more demanding accessories, the quality of which is related to the service life of the pump truck, which also makes the machinery manufacturing industry has been a strong concern. --The processing technology of truck pump pipe is higher, it requires wear-resisting even in the case of light weight. The lighter weight means the pump boom can be made longer.Wear resistance means longer life under the same pumped concrete. 4. The pump pipe is generally made with seamless steel pipe integral forming technology, and then it goes through various heat treatment.The head of the pump pipe is connected to the pipe body by welding and the connection of each pipe is connected by the pipe clamp made by the precision casting process. Truck pump pipe is generally divided into straight pipe, elbow pipe and cone pipe, the size can be divided into 125A and 150A, 175A, which have high pressure and low pressure points respectively. Generally, the concrete pump truck boom USES 125A low-pressure pump pipe for concrete pump pipe, only 150 elbow pipe is used for discharging, and 150A only butt 150A variable 125A cone pipe. QUALITY CONTROL 鈽?Metallurgical Analysis 鈽?Universal Testing Machine 鈽?Chemical Analysis 鈽?X-ray Testing Online 鈽?Hydrostatic Testing 鈽?Outside Diameter Control OUR ADVANTAGE ---Our motivation is — customers' satisfaction smile; ---Our believing is — pay attention to every detail; ---Our wish is — perfect co-operation. FAQ: Q: Are you a manufacturer? A: Yes, we are a manufacturer, We have own factory, which is located in TIANJIN,CHINA. Q: Can we visit your factory? A: Warmly welcome once we have your schedule we will pick you up. Q: Do you have quality control? A: Yes, we have gained API, ISO authentication. Q: Can you arrange the shipment? A: Sure, we have permanent freight forwarder who can gain the best price from most ship company and offer professional service.beijing sany pump pipe factory website:http://www.zhendapipes.com/pump-pipe/concrete-pump-pipe/

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